Our Team

Our Team


Dr. Aayushi Choudhary

MBBS, MDPMR (Pain Musculoskeletal Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialist)
Inventor, Certified Researcher President's Award 2022(Lisbon, Portugal)

Dr. Nitesh Lamoria

Director & Founder
MBBS, MS(Gen, Surgery)
M.Ch. (Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery)
Fellowship in and regeneration Medicine (IASRMN)

Fellowship in and regeneration Medicine (IASRMN)

Dr. Aayushi Choudhary

Dr. Aayushi is an MD in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) with over a decade of experience in Medicine. She specializes in Musculoskeletal treatments & Ergonomics. PM&R is a medical specialty that involves restoring function for a person who has been disabled as a result of a disease, disorder, or injury. The traditional perception of PM&R is to get a person with a certain disability restored to their functional self.

The evolution of medical science and training has shifted the goalposts where the aim is to not just restore functionality but to make an all-encompassing effort to reach an optimal-functional self.

Dr. Aayushi emphasizes that Rehabilitation is the 4th Pillar of medical science, not given requisite importance by both the civil and medical community alike in today’s world. She believes Modern Medicine needs to be more holistic and not just work on the immediate problem- immediate solution approach. It has to be more integrated into their lifestyle,
incorporate feedback mechanisms, understand the root cause of the disability, and thereon work in a process-like manner to help a person with a disability reach their optimum self and help a person achieve their highest potential functional ability. Understanding Dr. Aayushi’s vision, she believes that medical sciences in the country have to evolve to become more dynamic, follow a structural & protocol-based approach, and moreover focus on functionality restoration of any temporary or permanent disability not just enough to survive but to thrive.
The Indian medical system has a myopic approach towards ailments, it has different departments functioning, but in scientific incoherence, and in a real-time scenario, a medically disabled tend to bounce from one department to the other, depending on how the referral system is. That leads to major gaps in treatment and thereon the overall output,
meaning that as an industry, we’re operating at a sub-optimal level as we can if the desired attention and resources are directed towards rehabilitative healthcare.
Up until 2021, when GOI made it mandatory, most of the major Indian Medical Institutes did not even have a rehabilitation department. The need of the hour and moreover the decade, considering the impact of the last decade on people, is a comprehensive approach towards treatment, giving adequate and urgently needed importance to Rehabilitation, regeneration & reconstruction accompanied with the adequate research.
To cater to this need, Dr. Aayushi co-founded Purple Heron with Dr. Nitesh Lamoria, wherein her aim is to provide to the community, the first of its kind, an organized, holistic, and structural approach based medical treatment, that integrates with their lifestyles and aims to help people with any sort of physical, aesthetic or inner disability, restore to their optimum functional potential not for a ‘disabled human’ but for a human.
An institution of Purple Heron is the need of the hour for people for all age groups from a kid as young as 1 month to a person of the age above 90 because the best time to start your rehabilitative journey is always NOW.

Dr Nitesh Lamoria

Hailing from a family of doctors, Dr. Nitesh Lamoria has seen medical science in its eternity. Plastic always intest him as it is the only medical stream that has the power to reconstruct and reshate anything for the better of this world. Dr. Nitesh Lamoria has done his M.Ch. in Plastic Surgery from SMS Medical College Jaipur and also a fellow of the International Association of & Regenerative Medicine.

He is always willing to go against all odds when it comes to the wellbeing of his patients. His skills, knowledge, and experience is what gives his life purpose. In his medical career, he has focused on analysing, planning, customising his procedures in a personalized manner for his patients’ needs.
His passion to give the best treatment to his patients motivated him to undergo a lot of training modules and experiences from renowned plastic surgeons across the globe. He refers to Plastic Surgery as a “Problem Solving Science”. His objective is to discover the most advanced treatment & develop personalized solutions for his patients.

As compared to any other medical field, the one-on-one interaction between the doctor & their patients is the highest in plastic surgeries as there is a strong need for visualisation before the initiation of any medical process. This is why he focuses on creating an AI-Driven platform for a better & more organized understanding of the patients, targetting their convenience and reducing human errors & interventions to the highest extent possible.

It is Dr. Lamoria’s vision to make plastic surgery affordable to all & initiate a renaissance, leading people to accept plastic surgery as a lifestyle and to rise above the unjustified myths.
His aim is to build the world’s most advanced & holistic plastic surgery center which can deal with all the aspects of plastic surgery. This has driven him to focus on getting the best technology potentially available. He wants to serve Indians of all age groups & to provide them with services that were once only found in Beverly Hills.
At Purple Heron, he target is to bring incorporate all the expertise to create the World’s first institute to provide advanced Reconstruction, Plastic & Micro Surgery along with a Cosmetic & Aesthetic Department, namely HEBE.