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Celebrities Who Have Had Rhinoplasty

Celebrities Who Have Had Rhinoplasty

As a subjective topic, the concept of beauty has undergone significant changes throughout all phases of our history as we know it. If we take up the showbiz domain for instance, nose jobs, or rhinoplasty, its scientific term, has been a hot topic for celebrities for quite some time now.

A lot of actresses with nose jobs have actually been able to make a huge difference in their careers by aligning their noses in a manner that enhanced their appeal.

What is Rhinoplasty?


Commonly referred to as a ‘nose job’, rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to change the appearance of your nose by modifying its cartilage or bone. It is among the most common types of plastic surgery.

Why Go for Rhinoplasty?

Individuals opt to go for rhinoplasty to get an injured nose repaired, or resolve any breathing issues, or even a defect since birth, which they wish to get corrected.

A surgeon can make the following changes to your nose through rhinoplasty:

  • Change the angle
  • Change the size
  • Reshaping the nose tip
  • Straightening the bridge
  • Narrow down the nostrils

Actresses Before and After Rhinoplasty

Here’s a look at some of the prominent celebrities who have had a rhinoplasty over the years with different impact and success rates:

    • Sri Devi
      Who doesn’t know Sri Devi? The actress captivated audiences with her performances, and her beauty was a sight to behold. She was largely rumored to have undergone a nose surgery to enhance her allure on screen. While the actress never publicly acknowledged it, experts were able to observe visible differences in her before and after surgery pictures.

    • Angelina Jolie
      Considered among the world’s most beautiful women, Angelina Jolie went for a rhinoplasty at a very young age to accentuate her facial features. Jolie also went for septology, a procedure where the nostrils are narrowed down by removing the bone or tissue inside the nose. Her nose job procedures are indicative of the transformation in store on the functional or cosmetic fronts.
    • Priyanka Chopra Jonas
      Today a global icon, Priyanka Chopra Jonas has renowned for how beautifully she was able to embrace her imperfections. She revealed to the world how her flawed polypectomy ended up disrupting her nose bridge in her book titled ‘Unfinished’.  It went on to become one of the biggest testimonies on how beautiful people too, can face the severe impacts of a rhinoplasty gone wrong.
    • Bipasha Basu
      When we talk about some of the most amazing results of a rhinoplasty procedure administered with success, Bipasha Basu’s name will surely come up in the top leagues. Over the years, the beautiful Bengali actress underwent a series of small and subtle changes to her features, enhancing her features further.  From her before and after images, it’s easy to see that her surgery was the result of skill and precision, and a leaf can surely be taken out by other surgeons in that case.
    • Preity Zinta
      Undoubtedly, Preity Zinta is one of the most beautiful actresses to have graced the silver screen ever. Her immaculately done nose job only adds more to her grace. Fans have always been charmed by her dimples, and subtle improvements in her nose are visible if you look at her images over the years.Irrespective of her rhinoplasty procedures over the years, this lady continues to win hearts all over the world.

    Is Rhinoplasty Painful?

    When it comes to understanding if rhinoplasty is a painful process, most people, usually rate the pain as minimal a day after their surgery. A lot of people also try to go for packing the nose after the surgery, but it can be a pretty uncomfortable process too. You can avoid a lot of discomfort and potential pain by not going for it.

    Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

    Once your surgery is done, the surgeon can place a metal or plastic splint on your nose. It is very helpful to let your nose retain a proper shape while it’s healing. Stabilizing the septum is another activity that
    can be done, which is ideally the part between the nostrils.

    A few days after your rhinoplasty, you can experience some bleeding and drainage too. This is where a drip pad can be a helpful contraption, which is essentially a piece of gauze below your nose to absorb the blood or mucus.

    The surgeon might also advise against indulging in a few things, such as:

    • Swimming
    • Blowing your nose
    • Chewing in access
    • Pulling clothes from above your head
    • Brushing your teeth too harshly
    • Wide grins, smiles or any expressions that make facial muscles move

    Adhering to such precautions helps you get back to normal life within a week or two after the surgery. However, in case you’re unsatisfied with your surgery, then going for the second surgery and recovering from that might take about a whole year.

    Rhinoplasty Side Effects

    As far as risks are concerned, rhinoplasty brings quite a few of them to the fore, a few of which are:

    • Bleeding from the nose
    • Numbness in the nose
    • Scars from the surgery
    • Asymmetry in the nose

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