Updated26 01, 2023

Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla Visits Purple Heron Hospitals, India’s Most Advanced Healthcare Center


Upon his visit, he had a look at the various departments of the hospital and was impressed to see the established landscape of healthcare 2.0. Shri Om Birla Ji praised the founder of Purple Heron, Dr Nitesh Lamoria. (M.Ch.) and Dr Aayushi Choudhary (M.D.) for launching a super speciality hospital that has state-of-the-art infrastructure and professional doctors with world-class medical technology. He also appreciated the hospital’s motive to give 100 optimal functional years to every human life.

Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla Ji showed his immense confidence towards Dr Aayushi and Dr Nitesh’s efforts for bringing the global standard of healthcare to the citizens of India. Upon taking the tour of various verticals of the Purple Heron Hospital, he witnessed that each of them has a futuristic infrastructure that is ultra-modern, ergonomically advanced and is provided with all the modern-age advanced medical equipments that have been brought for the first time in India. Shri Om Birla Ji expressed his complete faith in the ideology and strategy, with which Purple Heron intends to function and strives to bring change. In addition to all this, he also praised the forward-thinking of introducing healthcare 2.0 with the 4R approach of Regeneration, Reconstruction, Rehabilitation & Research.

While talking about Shri Om Birla Ji’s visit, Co-Founder of Purple Heron Hospitals, Dr Aayushi stated, “The words of appreciation by Shri Om Birla Ji really acted as a motivation for us and pushed us to hustle even more towards our goals. We ensure that we will leave no stone unturned in revamping the healthcare system in India by bringing all the top facilities. At Purple Heron Hospital we have skilled doctors working with cutting-edge technology for the first time in India, recognising the relevance of new-age treatment regimens. To reduce the rate of infection and cross-contamination we have ensured that each of our air handling units is made with a variety of considerations in mind, such as temperature, relative humidity (RH), 12-14 air changes per hour without interrupting the OT’s temperature throughout the surgery. Even multistage filtration is done before and after so that air entering the OT passes through Micro and Hepa filters that are gel sealed. Our combined efforts with all these facilities  will eventually  take us a step closer to our dream of providing excellent patient care.”

Purple Heron’s mission is to revolutionise Indian healthcare and set a new standard for the rest of the globe. The hospital is providing patients with comprehensive protocol-based medical treatment thanks to its medical technology, which includes ICU bed setups, ultra modular operating rooms with interactive screens, super microscopes with VR and AR capabilities, and a team of highly qualified plastic surgeons and doctors. Dr Nitesh and Dr Aayushi have also worked towards creating HERA & HEBE, which is one of the world’s first advanced cosmetic, laser and aesthetic centre in India. Under this wing, they provide various services including hair transplants, breast lift, liposuction, brachioplasty, laser vulvar skin tightening, calf augmentation and much more. In the near future, this medical centre is aimed to spread its horizons out from the heritage city of Jaipur by opening its branches in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and even to the middle east.

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